Located in the heart of Pune, a city known for its deep cultural roots the Jaipur Gunijankhana is a space dedicated towards archiving and promoting Indian classical music. Traditionally, gunijankhana was a place that extended support to the arts, artists, artisans, musicians, singers and dancers. It is our humble effort to bring back this tradition in the form of an archive and a space for talks, concerts and discussions on music.

The archive will consist of recordings, articles and artefacts pertaining primarily (but not limited) to the Jaipur Atrauli Gharana which was founded by Ustad Alladiya Khan. It is said that although he hailed from a place called Atrauli in Rajasthan, Ustad Alladiya Khan named his gharana as Jaipur-Atrauli as a tribute to the court of Jaipur, where he received a lot of praise and adulation. As a tribute not just to Ustad Alladiya Khan but also to all the torch bearers of this lineage, we have chosen to name our space in Pune as the Jaipur Gunijankhana.

Past Events

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