Phulwari Geeton Ki

'Phulwari Geeton Ki' conceptualised by Radhika, is a book that introduces concepts of Hindustani music in a novel and engaging manner. The book consists of ten newly composed songs, which are sure the catch the fancy of young minds. While one song describes in freshness of the sunrise, another explores the love between a child and his mother. Through the notes of these songs, children can learn about Sur and Taal and other basic concepts of Hindustani music.





"I am very happy that Radhika has published a book of compositions in Hindustani classical music for young children. This task is so essential and yet not easy at all. Our smart, immensely talented next generation needs to know what legendary legacy they inherit, and while they pursue their dream careers, they ought to learn the arts to be able to see their lives in proper perspective when they grow up."


Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande

ashwini tai.png

"Phulwari Geeton Ki comprises of well thought out content that not only simplifies the fundamentals of Hindustani classical music, but also makes it fun to learn!"

Padma and Suresh Wadkar

Pt. Rajan and Pt. Sajan Mishra speak about the book.