Jaipur - Atrauli


The Jaipur- Atrauli Gharana was founded by Ustad Alladiya Khan. It is considered to be a style of singing that places equal emphasis on emotion and intellect, and hence this Gayaki is often referred to as a thinking listener's or connoisseur's Gayaki. A highlight of the Jaipur gayaki is the mastery over Jod Raags where the challenge is to sperform a rendition that sounds like a perfect fusion of the two raags, not as a heterogeneous mixture cobbled together. This lecture cum demonstraiton aims to bring to light some of the distinctive musical characteristic of the gharana through a historical study of the gharana's lineage and descendents. Some of the key elements of this presentation are:

  • Historical overview of origins and growth of the gharana

  • Guided listening highlighting the musical characteristics of some of the stalwarts of the gharana

  • Demonstration of compositions in raga that are characteristic to the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana.

  • Live performance of rare ragas such as Basant Bahar, Sampoorna Malkauns, Savani Kalyan, Sukhiya Bilawal

This concert was first staged by the Hindustan Music Circle at IISc, Bangalore.


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